The Science Behind DOIN’ GOOD


This is a story about DOERS. It’s also a story about opportunity, possibility and doing good with STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s all about learning by doing. Parents, teachers, mentors and role models are encouraging girls to do remarkable things with STEM.  And some of those things may change the world.

5 Top Ways to get GIRLS DOIN’ STEM

40% of today’s jobs require DOERS that do STEM, but for a number of reasons we’re not seeing enough women in these roles. It’s up to parents, teachers, mentors and role models to do something about it.

1 Point girls toward mentors and role models in STEM — Strong mentors and role models are just what girls need to learn about career possibilities in STEM.

2 Help teachers get the right tools — The right resources will help get teachers doin’ what they do best—engaging girls early on through hands-on learning experiences.


Show girls the fun is in the failure — Girls can drop the pressure to be perfect because STEM is about trial-and-error, taking note of what went wrong and redesigning to get it right.


Teach girls that STEM careers do good — Studies show women want careers that make a difference in the world. So parents, teachers, mentors and role models should keep girls informed on the good things DOERS do through STEM.


Make mentoring future DOERS a priority — Mentoring and being a role model does a whole lot of good for our future DOERS, boosting their self-confidence and inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM.

Learning By Doin'

Hands-on learning is giving these DOERS the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

See what Blanca is doin’ in tech.

See what Andrea is doin’ in FabLab.

See what Marta is doin’ in tech.

Doers Have Partners

We partner with organizations that help kids learn STEM—hands-on. It’s learning by doing.


helped develop to highlight the engineering opportunities and possibilities available to women.


say that because of Techbridge, their daughters’ confidence in STEM has grown.

The Chevron and Fab Foundation partnership builds fully-equipped labs and aims to provide support to give


a real hands-on STEM experience.

Chevron contributes to Project Lead The Way, helping to provide access to engineering curriculum to more than


helping schools
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