STEM brings the A game

When you watch Major League Baseball, you’re seeing STEM in action. The science of aerodynamics is in every pitch. Engineering is part of every bat, ball, glove and helmet. And the math of statistics can inform a team’s strategy.

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angling for an out

When a center fielder throws the ball 200 feet to get a runner out at second, what’s the best angle for the throw? Find out the answer and more.

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Little Leaguers get major-league education

At Oakland’s Coliseum, past and present major leaguers showed kids how STEM helps athletes excel.

Former A’s player, Shooty Babitt, says it best (2:54)

Kids learn sports and science from baseball greats (2:27)

Big- and Little-League players at Coliseum.

Kids learn the science of fielding grounders.

Hall of Famer Tony La Russa with Little Leaguers.

Big- and Little-League players at Coliseum.