can STEM help you beat par?

Even if you’re not a golf pro, understanding something about angles, aerodynamics and engineering can take your game to lofty new heights. And not just on the greens and fairways, but in life. Fact is, the same know-how that golfers use to elevate their game can also put kids on a clear course to success.

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the science of spin control

Ever wonder why a golf ball looks like a golf ball, completely covered with dimples? Find the reason why and much more about the STEM of golf.

eagles for education

playing for change

With help from its partners, Chevron proudly donates money to STEM education and local charities for every eagle, double eagle or hole in one. It’s pretty exciting when you know that future innovators may get their start with every skillful stroke of the club.

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helping others win

Chevron CEO John Watson is dedicated to helping kids learn STEM and succeed (1:36)

San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants compete for charity in the Chevron Shoot-Out.

Football Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice at the Chevron Shoot-Out.

Baseball players Matt Cain and Buster Posey at the Chevron Shoot-Out.

San Francisco Giant Javier Lopez at the Chevron Shoot-Out.

Chevron champions STEM education; and in this Golf Digest article, you can learn how we use golf to get kids excited about science.

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